Gay Marriage

In the familiar story of the conversion of Saint Paul (Acts 9:1-6), GOD SPEAKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. He speaks to Saul, and then to Ananias. In each case what He says is clear, unambiguous, and reverses the strongly held opinions of the hearer. Most Sundays, this is not the case. I had to go way back to my youth to remember a time when God spoke in capital letters to me:


It was the winter of 1976 and I was attending the University of Maine and active in the ecumenical campus ministry. At the weekly fellowship meeting, I found out that the board had approved allowing the gay student association to use the building for its gatherings. I was incensed. I went to my car in the parking lot and prayed for guidance. Looking up from the dashboard, I saw that the car ahead of mine had a personalized license plate. It said: TREAD. I took this to mean that I should boldly tread into the next board meeting and tell them the word of God.


April 10, 2016
Acts 9:1-6
Easter 3

The recent misbehavior of Pa. Rep Daryl Metcalfe (Butler-Republican) has prompted me to devote today’s blog to the following to the letter I recently sent to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I think you will notice how theological reflection should influence political opinion. When the church stays out of politics, both are harmed:

Dear Editor

A while back we had expensive stone work done on our church building. Water was getting into the decorative block and causing the face of each stone to flake off. The word for that is ‘spalling’ and I’ve applied it to the church ever since. Over the last century, the United Methodist Church institutional structure (conference boards, general agencies, and general conference actions) has aligned itself with other mainline churches, specifically the Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians.

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