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+ Weekly Word -   Bill's thoughts on an upcoming scripture(s) for this Sunday are published every Tuesday morning. Bill always finds a slightly off-center take on things. He likes to connect today's news with biblical truth. The scripture passages come from the Revised Common Lectionary, a set of texts for each Sunday of the year, compiled in the mid-1960s by an ecumenical committee. 

+ Fixing Church - is a short leadership oriented articles, for both laity and clergy, relating current trends to best practices in the church. More on these topics can be found in Bill's Reality Check 101 book and the soon to be released, Fixing Church 7 Week Study.

+ Just Shalom - are short blog posts dealing with issues of personal piety and social justice. Many items in this blog will also appear in Bill's Finding Shalom book series, volume one will be coming out early in 2019.

+ Poems - Is a random collection of poetry written by Bill Kemp and others. These poems are just Bill being creative. They aren't meant to be taken seriously,

Topics found in the above postings are indexed at the left of each blog page. Or you can just search for what interests you.



Bill Kemp