What would Lazarus say to Thomas

John 20:18-29

The disciples said to Thomas, “We have seen the Lord.” John 20:25

The day after Easter and everyone is talking about somebody who broke their leg and baseball’s opening day. What have you been talking about this week? I have to confess that I have been meandering through the mundane, mostly. Mary Magdalene has been on my mind, however. She doesn’t ‘bury the lead,’ like one Easter sermon that I heard. She doesn’t talk about the little resurrections that we experience every day or how spring feels Easter-like. She says, “I have seen the Lord!” (John 20:18)


So let’s talk about the dead that we have seen. We should start with Jesus. How have you seen him alive in our life? Name the time that you knew that you knew. Name also the people, officially dead, but you know to be alive and plan to see again when you get to have your own resurrection. 


Easter afternoon, just an hour after the basketball player broke his leg on the fifty inch HD TV, I moved across the room at the crowded family gathering and was captured by the oldest relative there. She told me of her arthritis. I squirmed to get away. She held onto me and spoke of things past. Somehow, the resurrection message of church this day had reinforced a strange hope. She thought of her two miscarriages. “I think they are keeping my husband company in heaven.”


Reluctantly, Thomas joins the disciples behind the locked doors a week after Easter. He has had a week of people saying things that aren’t mundane. Peter and John haven’t said a word about how the Pirates lost their opener, again. The women haven’t spoken about the weather. Mary has been dramatic, he wonders if she is off her meds. The worse conversation Thomas has had this week must be the one with Lazarus. When Thomas says, “Come on, dead people don’t rise...” Lazarus smiles.


We live in a day in which it is not proper to speak about the deep mystery of Easter the day after it has whirled past us. Ok. We can take a mulligan for burying the lead on Easter. We were dead tired and perhaps left it to the octogenarians to speak the truth. But, to talk about the miracle of eternal life on the next Sunday may convince some that we are serious.


The disciples said to Thomas, “We have seen the Lord.”  John 20:25

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