Reality Check 101

Reality Check 101 is workbook designed to help your congregation understand its unique mission, community context, and divine calling. It can be used as a guidebook for a goal setting (though Bill avoids that word) retreat, or as a group study to discern what the church should focus on in the coming year. Each chapter has study questions and suggestions for implementing what you have learned. The chapters are self contained and can be used in any sequence. Reality Check 101 is designed to be a flexible resource, a tool box for church change. 
Reality Check 1010 topics include:
    •    The basic questions every church planning meeting must explore. 
    •    How to get your church to try new things.
    •    How to plan for success. 
    •    Rediscovering your congregation's identity and purpose.
    •    How to engage in group discernment. 
    •    Using the "Four Suits" tool to discern your congregation's God given calling.

    •    Using the  "Roundabout" tool for getting your congregation unstuck and back on its journey.

    •    Understanding the Spiral Rule and why so many congregations are in decline.

    •    Using the "Three Phases" tool for understanding your congregation's history and what needs to be done right now.

    •    Checking your congregation's  "Spiritual Fuel Gauge."

Print workbook - 267 pages - is available from Amazon for $15.85  
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Print ISBN: 978-1484152966         epub ISBN 9781301924554

Reality Check workbook  - ebook
Back cover, print version of Reality Check 101