Politically Correct Language

Church leaders need to learn how to speak about minorities

In Genesis 2:20, Adam was given the task of naming all of the creatures, and so it is said, science was birthed. In almost any subject, advanced study requires learning the precise names of things. Potters learn a vast number of words to describe the hue, texture, and luster of various glazes. If they say, “its only words,” they will condemn themselves to an incredible amount of wasted time and fruitless experiments before creating anything of beauty. How much more so, the art of living, even an ordinary life, in the midst of a complex society. If we desire to be Christ-like, compassionate, and peaceful in all of our dealings, then our word choice, especially when we describe someone else’s sexuality, race, or religion, must be appropriate. 


When we use politically correct language, we say, “I care enough about you and your unique needs to learn the terms that you wish me to use.”  A member of the people group that we have referenced may not be present, but as Chaos theory teaches us, even the most subtle action has a way of rippling through the network of society. In 1930s Germany, Hitler didn’t create antisemitism out of a vacuum. He used the politically incorrect language of the shop-keeper and the person on the tram. 


Politicians who refuse to use civil language are to be despised. This should be obvious, their job description is to serve in their elected office as one who knows well the needs of their constituents. Those who haven’t bothered to learn the language of America’s diversity, are like craftsmen who don’t care about the qualities of the glaze they are putting on earthenware jars. They’ll use lead glaze on vessels intended for drinking water. Worse yet, they’ll deliberately manipulate popular sentiment by presenting simplistic solutions. For them, people are always objects. I can call a thing anything that I want, so I will.  It is one way to win an election. It is as unAmerican as Auschwitz.