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"I Believe" a full-length Lenten play, suitable for church use by Bill Kemp

Play opens with darkness, a single light, and a weeping woman. This is the small village of Bethany, adjacent to the holy city of Jerusalem. Jesus has just been betrayed and arrested. Two of his disciples now creep towards this house, seeking refuge and bringing the bad news to Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. The next thirteen scenes gradually move the viewer from darkness to light, from fear to inspiration.

There are about 70 minutes of spoken dialogue in the play. A dozen musical pieces are suggested to bridge the scenes and provide time for set changes. An offering and short intermission is provided 2/3rds of the way through the play. This play has been performed in various settings with great results. The included staging notes show how it can be done in a church sanctuary, without a curtain, or on a traditional stage. It has a cast of 24 to 30 (some actors can play two parts).

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"Judas Returns to the Upper Room" a 10 Minute Lenten Drama by Bill Kemp

This is a chancel drama requiring two actors based upon the full-length play, "I Believe." It is appropriate for Lent, particularly those worship occasions that involve communion, baptism, or the joining of new members. When used as a Holy Thursday message, the play should follow the congregation's participation in the Lord's Supper. It also can be creatively staged as a dinner theater.

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Plays will be offered for the spring 2019 season at cost. Contact us about obtaining a play kit with sufficient scripts for your production.

Play takes place in and near Jerusalem during Holy Week