Pastors and Politics

Bishop Curry preached at royal wedding

Is there a non-partisan way to speak about politics in the church? I think we have to value compassion, character, and the heart for justice as core biblical values. If we advocate for these things consistently, then entering into the political fray is both necessary and within the pastor’s role. You may want to use the following:

What I want to know before casting my vote

  1. Has this person ever made something with their own hands, or brought healing to the sick, or acted against their own interests for justice to be done?
  2. Do they have sufficient personal integrity to refuse a bribe, or pass by a sexual offer, or turn down help from a questionable source?
  3. Are they willing to sacrifice for the common good?
  4. Do they promise to be transparent in all things, unless the nation’s security requires secrecy in this instance?
  5. Are they articulate enough for us to know what they think and why?
  6. When they make a mistake, are they quick to recognize it, willing to take responsibility for it, and humble enough to work with others to fix the problem?
  7. Are they willing to listen to me after they are elected?

What I don’t want to know is what party they belong to, how bad their opponents are, or if they think they have all the answers.

Character matters most. Especially in difficult times.