Packing for a New Reality

Tightrope walker by Segal

This week my new Reality Check 101 book became available. The back cover reads:

As a tightrope walker alone on her path, so each church must discern a way forward. Reality Check 101 provides a process for congregational dialogue and a dozen exercises for implementing change. Five years in the making, this workbook follows Bill Kemp’s Ezekiel’s Bones and The Church Transition Workbook as a practical guide for lay and clergy leaders.


For your church to survive in today's postmodern world, you must leave the beaten path. This will mean breaking from the herd. It will mean doing things differently from the other churches in your denomination or town.


To be practical, new programs have to connect congregation’s current resources with their unique vocation from God. We can’t write checks on money that is not in the bank. Church can’t do programs that aren’t supported by their current reality.


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