Lenten Themes for 2015

Our journey towards being the people God wants us to be.


Ash Wednesday: “Purity”  - Psalm 51 - “Create in me a clean heart”

Lent 1:  “Wilderness”  - Mark 1   “Jesus was driven…”

Lent 2:  “Suffering”  - Mark 3  “Take up your cross…”

Lent 3:  “Worship”  - John 2  “Zeal for your house…”

Lent 4:  “Salvation”  - John 3  “Everyone who believes…”

Lent 5:  “Death/Transformation”  John 12 “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies…”

Lent 6 - Palm Sunday: “Understanding/Acceptance”  John 12 “Behold your king!”

Holy Thursday/Mid-week:  “Humility”  John 13 “He washed their feet.”

Easter: “Witness”  John 20  “Go and tell…”


GBOD does a similar theme set for Lent  that invites us to think about our baptismal vows.

as a tree is transformed by the dessert sun, so am I in Lent