I Am Who I Am

This is a good time to explain the name of God. It’s a pun. God will be who he will be. Like particles in quantum physics, he will appear as necessary, according to his own mysterious laws, in the midst of the situation. On the flip side of the pun, he has always been the unchanging one. This is a good time to say nothing. I follow the Hebrew convention of not uttering the name.  


If we speak of anything, we should point out how God’s name criticizes conservatives and liberals equally. In fact, we should share how Exodus 3:14 speaks against our own cherished belief system. 


If we are liberal, we should admit that our God is a jealous god. He brings his people out into the wilderness to purify them. He gives them ten commandments, the first of which forbids them from choosing their religious beliefs ale carte. No matter how modern we get, we can never forget that we deal with a particular Holy One, who calls us to be holy. Situation Ethics is a slippery downward slope. The one with whom we have to deal, does not change.


If we are conservative, we should admit that our God is always about becoming what the next generation needs. The God of Exodus allows the traditionally minded elders die in the wilderness. Miriam takes up a tambourine and dances to contemporary Christian music. I suspect that Joshua and Caleb used powerpoint to tell about their mission trip to spy out the promised land. Too often, church leaders lack the courage to follow the mysterious one who is our God, out of their enslavement to the past.

Moses before the burning bush