God Speaks in Triplicate

Psalm 19
Romans 10:16-20
The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

Back in the old days of typewriters and carbon paper, the most dreaded words heard by secretaries was, “I want that in triplicate.” Whatever the form or memo, it had to be important if it needed three copies. The process involved carefully aligning three sheets of 24 lb bond paper and two finicky carbon backed tissue in your Remington and striking each letter as hard as you could and spelling the every word perfectly, because corrections were impossible. Psalm 19 says that the creator God, speaks to us in triplicate.

First, He speaks to us through the world he has made. Everything about this world shouts intention and an intelligence beyond our imagination. Science and art join hands as our friends in seeking to understand what God is writing to us in the universe.

Second, God speaks to us through His revealed word. Psalm 19 says, “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.” This passage is talking about something much broader than “the law,” as the Ten Commandments or even the books of Moses. Any inspired speech or written word that we receive as holy and revealed to us for our edification comes from the second page in God’s typewriter. Just as no one can say that God hasn’t spoken to them in creation, so very few people on earth haven’t heard or read some inspired text. The Apostle Paul writes how God’s voice has gone out to the ends of the world, allowing the holy one to be found by even those who were not seeking for God (Romans 10:16-20).

God’s third form of revelation is fainter and more easily missed, as carbon copies are prone to be. God speaks within our soul’s and through our relationships, if we will only listen. Psalm 19:12-14 prays for purity within our heart, which only comes by listening to our souls. It speaks of allowing the meditations of our heart to become acceptable to God. It also requests that our pride be checked and our relationships with others be free from insolence and transgression.

God speaks in triplicate. The question is, do we listen?

The order of God is written into every silken orb
Pentecost 17