A Fundamental Difference

Mark 10:35-45
Psalm 8

I think we should pay attention whenever Jesus makes a direct comparison between how his people do things and the standard procedure of the rest of the world. In Mark 10:37, Jesus gets asked a simple question, “When you take over, who are you going to have as your right hand man (or woman)?” It’s the kind of question that we’ll be asking the 2016 field of presidential candidates when it gets winnowed down a bit more, “Who’s going to be your running mate, Jesus?” His two-part answer pleases no one.


Part 1: Jesus says that among his people, the person at the top of the organizational chart empties the trash and cleans the toilets. The first place person is servant to all. The pyramid of power is inverted. This is not a token performance, such as when the Pope washes the feet of a peasant on Maundy Thursday. This is a fundamental aspect of the church, all christian mission organizations, every committee, and even of our families and the places where we mix with those  outside the faith. The higher we go in a work environment, the more humble our attitude and approach to every decision must be. In politics and in our families, we are always mindful of the Psalm 8:2

Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants

You have ordained strength…


Part 2: Jesus says that his title, Savior of the World, reaches its zenith when he is hung on the cross. So it is with every one who bears the mark of Christ, in those moments in life when we are sacrificed and living entirely for others, we are at His right hand. Life doesn’t have any greater honor than that of servant of all.

You can't have humility without service
Pentecost 24