Fixing Church 7.0

Fixing Church is a short course in thinking differently.
…It doesn’t offer quick fixes to your budget. Instead, it asks difficult questions that can reframe the way your fellowship deals with money.
…It won’t help you decide what color to paint the walls. Instead, it will challenge the whole way you think about your church building.
…You may be hoping that this study will help you get more people into your church. I hate to disappoint you. Fixing Church seeks instead to bless people with a Church that fixes their lives. Yes, Fixing Church is good for your soul. It also might help your congregation to become more transformative in your community.

Fixing Church is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. He died, not just for our individual soul, but also for the fellowships that would meet in his name. This study has seven sessions, so you will want to start the week before Lent begins, to reserve Holy Week for the Passion narrative.

It also can be used by Sunday School classes and vision setting (goal setting) groups in the church. While the scriptures reference in the material are tied to the Lenten journey, the material is appropriate for groups meeting at any time.

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The Fixing Church study gets people talking.