Disguised Confederate Flags

"It's my tradition," the trustee chair says.

Some churches have confederate flags in disguise. U-umc had a memorial chime set in its belfry that played four times a day at two notches above what the neighbors could tolerate. Trustees explained this inconsiderate behavior by saying, “But it’s our tradition. We have members in the nursing home two miles away who helped pay for those chimes.” Sacrifice by past generations doesn’t give you a right to be insensitive.


True, the stubborn behavior with the chimes doesn’t approach the obnoxious racial insensitivity displayed by statehouse buildings and license plate owners with their confederate flags, but it is a similar type of rudeness. The church should never be rude. We also, should never be behind the times. If something causes our neighbor to stumble, we shouldn't do it.


What happens in your church that displays a disregard for the feelings of nonmembers?