Day One: Ignorance

I was about to work on this week’s blog, then my home COVID test came back positive. So, I put it off and called all the people I will inconvenience with my quarantine time. I am looking forward to catching up on my reading. My symptoms so far are mild. But, I have decided to do a fourteen day blog-journal. 

Monday - Day One 

  Ignorance is bliss. This is the first day that I had COVID symptoms. A little itchy back of the throat, cough, runny nose. I also found myself needing a nap, even though I had slept well the night before. Fortunately, I didn’t very see many people in my travels and I wore a mask, most of the time. Sunday was a different story.  My scripture for the day is: “Forgive them [me] for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24)

  Ignorance has fueled much of this pandemic. I have two family member who work in close contact with the public and yet have refused to get vaccinated. I take comfort in the fact that vaccination reduces the viral load of your coughs and makes you less likely to spread the disease if you suffer a break through case. Would that we could vaccinate the other areas of our lives so that our neighbors weren’t harmed by the things we think we know but don’t.