The Church's stand on Healthcare

Healthcare isn’t that hard, but the politics of it is a bear.

We simply want healthcare that is:

Universal — this means that every resident of the United States should be covered to a basic standard without exception.
Equitable — this means that coverage should extend equally to all medical conditions. The cost of a preexisting conditions should not be born by the victim. The reproductive process should be insured irregardless of gender, personal choices about sexuality, or the religious beliefs of others.
Affordable — the final cost of healthcare to the individual should be based on income. It shouldn’t be dependent upon where one lives or the type of work one does.

The support of the above crosses party lines. We are human beings, we deserve nothing less. In transitioning to a more universal, equitable, and affordable healthcare system, we should lay aside the blame game. The goal is not to make something that beats Obamacare or returns us to the hodgepodge system we had before. The goal is Universal, Equitable, and Affordable healthcare.

The transition to whatever the politicians develop should be done in such a way as to honor those who have served our country, provide better protection to our children, and maintain care for the elderly and disabled. All other interests are secondary.

additional author: 
Pat Toomey