Church on Facebook Part 2

Help people find your church calendar on Facebook

Nonprofit agencies and Churches need to look at Facebook differently:


A healthy, growing, organization will have concentric circles. They may have a hundred dues paying members, a couple hundred who ‘like’ what the group is doing and reads any news they see about the group, and a perhaps a thousand people who occasionally check in on social media. Growth requires expanding the outer circle.


The next public event that you want people to come to should be stuck to the top of your Facebook page. People forget. Facebook helps remind them.


You need to have carefully thought out set of guidelines for posting to Facebook. You give permission to post to the organizations Facebook page (FB calls this a closed group). Once a person is approved, they must abide by the rules or they will be banned from posting, which is not the same thing as losing membership in the group (don’t make it a big deal).


Consider the following ideas for FB guidelines: 

  • No political items 
  • Positive emphasis
  • Pictures of natural disasters should contain prayer/response information
  • No post more than 150 words
  • No reposts without expressed permission of source (this includes cartoons)
  • No advertisements - donation appeals need prior approval
  • Posting implies permission for item to be used by organization for its own purposes and publicity