Bethany's People

Bethany's People is Bill's historical fiction series. Novels will cover the people and climactic events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. Each book will be about 320 print pages long.

Mary Sees All  - The Race to Save Jesus from the Cross
    By Bill Kemp   (coming Spring, 2018)
Synopsis: Mary is missing, Lazarus is depressed, and Martha can’t make ends meet. This is what normal looks like for this family of middle aged siblings before their friend Jesus takes on the Roman Empire and Jerusalem’s religious establishment.  Bethany’s People: Mary Sees All is a fast paced fictional telling of the events leading up to the first Easter.  A free ebook sample is now available, just click:  SAMPLE

+ Lazarus Dies First  - The Search for a New King
    By Bill Kemp  (Winter, 2019)
Synopsis: Lazarus’ life is caught up in the search for a king. Ignoring the words of his friend Jesus, Lazarus becomes a revolutionary, hiding out in the wilderness, committed to the violent over throw of his government. But he makes a lousy guerrilla. Lazarus is both homesick for Bethany and convinced that the peaceful Jesus is leading the real revolution. Returning home, however, he dies, and is able to provide a gripping account of the underworld.

+ Martha Finds Rest -  Finding a New Home for Jesus’ People
    By Bill Kemp  (coming Spring, 2020)
Synopsis: Forty years after Jesus death and resurrection, Bethany is destroyed. Martha becomes an unexpected new Moses, leading her people through the wilderness to safety.

+ Mark Goes Everywhere  - A  Journey of Hope
    By Bill Kemp  (coming spring, 2020)
Synopsis: Mark is not yet twelve when he watches Jesus die. No one would have expected him to become an Apostle rivaling Peter and Paul, yet with a sacred mission to bring the good news to his own people, the residents of North Africa. From Rome to Alexandria and beyond, he tells his Gospel, insuring that every church around the mediterranean has an accurate account of God’s salvation.