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Bill is an ordained clergy person in the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, an author, and an unofficial instigator for change. After serving a variety of local churches for 31 years, he switched into full time writing in 2010. He divides his time between nonfiction (books for churches and individuals going through transition) and fiction. He also serves on the board of TIIMSA (Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialists Association) a support and resource group for UMC clergy working in transitional situations. 

His latest book, “Help My Church is Leaving Me” is a resource for United Methodist’s seeking to understand LGBTQ  issues and how recent denominational actions will affect local congregations (May, 2019). 

Bill’s novel, Mary Sees All - the Race to Save Jesus from the Cross, was released in 2018 as the first of a four part series of Historical Fiction set during the first century. 

He is the author of nine other books, mostly dealing with improving church life. Bill also does workshops and consulting. His favorite speaking topics, and other books, can be found at www.notperfectyet.com.

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Current Book Listing:

Fixing Church 7.0: A Seven Week Study

Reality Check 101: New Paths for a Changing Church

The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear

Holy Places, Small Spaces: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church

Ezekiel’s Bones: Rekindling Your Congregation’s Spiritual Passion

David’s Harp: Returning Harmony to Conflicted Congregations 

Saul’s Armor: Reforming Your Building and Organization for Ministry

Jesus’ New Command: Rediscovering the Joy of Fellowship 

Jonah’s Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

Peter’s Boat: Renewing the Vitality of Burned-out Church Workers 

The Exodus of Henry Defazio: A Pittsburgh Story

Going Home: Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear - cowritten with Diane Kerner Arnett 

Books can be found at www.amazon.com/author/billkemp 

Bill Kemp, Author, Playwright, Blogger