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+ Weekly Word -   Bill's thoughts on the upcoming scriptures for this Sunday, published each Tuesday. The scripture is chosen from the Lectionary text for the next Sunday. Bill tends to find interest in an aspect of it that isn't likely to be preached. In fact, this blog is designed to spark fresh thinking rather than provide a safe guide for easy sermon preparation. Lay people might want to comment on how what Bill brings up differs from what they actually heard. 

+ Fixing Church - is a short leadership oriented page updated each Thursday. Often advance material from Bill's next book appears here. Your comments are appreciated.

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+ Photos and Quotes are usually joined with Bill's Comments if you press the read more link. Credit and sources are shown when available. 

+ Photo Albums are photographs taken by Bill or a family member. Bill often relaxes by 'walking the camera.'  Bella dog sometimes gets jealous of his Pentax K7.  Family albums are only available to registered family members.


Bill Kemp