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Fixing Church 7.0



Seven week study covers the basics of Church -- things that are good both for our congregation and for our own soul. These topics include:

  • Where to begin
  • How to become more Spiritually Passionate
  • Being more Compassionate (mission oriented)
  • Becoming a better Fellowship
  • Improving Worship
  • Raising Biblical Literacy
  • Rediscovering the Soul

Fixing Church is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. He died, not just for our individual soul, but also for the fellowships that would meet in his name. This study has seven sessions, so you will want to start the week before Lent begins, to reserve Holy Week for the Passion narrative.

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Mary Sees All: The Race to Save Jesus from the Cross

Mary Sees All:  the Race to Save Jesus from the Cross, is a fast paced historical fiction set near Jerusalem during the fateful week that Jesus was crucified. Mary has a unique point of view, a lyrical voice, and a gift for drama. Both outrageous and outcast, she is an unforgettable heroine in this, the first of three books about the residents of ancient Bethany.

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This novel is the first in a four book series called, "Bethany's People," that is set in first century Judea/Palestine. Mary Sees All takes place in the two weeks between Jesus's resurrection of Lazarus and his own crucifixion. It really does describe a race to keep Jesus from dying. Each of Jesus’ friends have their own gifts to give and their own adventure live. They each hope to be successful in preventing Jesus’ execution. My retelling of Holy Week reaffirms the courage of otherwise common people. In the final chapters both the reader and these biblical characters are brought to a deeper, more authentic understanding of God’s grace.

A hardback edition is planned for August, 2018. If you purchase any full price edition of Mary Sees All on Amazon, kobo, or Ingram, and leave a reader's review, you will be eligible for a discount on future Bethany's People purchases and one free book from NPY Publishing. Write for details.  

Other Bethany’s People titles will include
Martha Finds Rest  Finding a New home for Jesus’ People ( Spring, 2019)

Lazarus Dies First  - The Search for a New King  (Winter, 2020)

Mark Goes Everywhere  - A  Journey of Hope (Spring, 2021)


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