A Reality Check 101 Workshop

Bill's RC Workshops available

Bill Kemp is available to do a Reality Check 101 workshop in your church.  Reality Check is designed to help churches discover their mission and thrive through transition. If your congregation is experiencing decline and desires a turnaround, try Reality Check. If you are going through transition or finding that your sense of mission is fuzzy, try Reality Check. Bill Kemp's Reality Check is a toolbox of laity oriented material. You can tailor it to your church. And yes, it is appropriate for churches that are going through a change in pastors.

Typically, there are three workshops and the option of having Bill Kemp preach durning worship. Bill is also available to do one on one interviews with church leaders. After the event, he will provide your church board with a summary and a set of recommendations. Books and reproducible materials are also provided. 

The workshops are:

I. The Three Questions - This talk deals with lowering congregational anxiety, coming to grips with current reality, and redesigning the church so that it becomes what Christ had in mind.

II. Getting off of the Roundabout: Discovering the calling your church has from God


III. Making Better Decisions and/or Thriving Through Transition


Reality Check 101 in three words:

  • Accept - We can’t go on this way
  • Trust - That God will provide a way to get from where we are to where we need to be.
  • Love - The future church includes new people

Standard cost for the workshop is only $500 / day plus travel costs. Discounts available for churches within driving distance of Pittsburgh. 

         Bill’s powerpoint presentations, sermons, and handouts, can be viewed at: www.slideshare.net/BillKemp

Contact Bill Kemp: bill@notperfectyet.com or 412-956-2565