Prayer and the Widow

Luke 18:1-8

Prayer can be as serious as a hand grenade. Jesus tells us about a widow who went to town to do a little shopping, renew her driver’s license, and while she was at the courthouse, ask the judge if he had time to think about her case. No. Jesus illustrates the power of prayer by talking about someone who had no other options. She was being denied the pension she needed to live on and without serious, prayer-like, intrusive, buttonholing of the judge, she would starve. So she went to town with one thing on her mind; to plead her case. She was willing to go at sunrise. She was willing to stay all day. She had made plans to keep coming back as often as she had bus fare, and then to camp at the courthouse until either the jailed or given justice.


Now there might be someone in your church this week, who is coming with a need of similar urgency. What will we say about the power of prayer? What will the whole church experience say about how seriously we take the needs of each person present? How will we honor the attitude Jesus expressed when he echoed wise Solomon and said the place we worship has no other options than to be a house of prayer for all in need?

Jesus in Temple