A Letter to the Editor

Rep Metcalfe is seeking to impeach the PA Attorney General Kane for failure to enforce DOMA styled legislation

The recent misbehavior of Pa. Rep Daryl Metcalfe (Butler-Republican) has prompted me to devote today’s blog to the following to the letter I recently sent to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I think you will notice how theological reflection should influence political opinion. When the church stays out of politics, both are harmed:

Dear Editor

    A decade ago, I was a middle of the road minister performing my duties in full support of my denomination’s and Pennsylvania’s stance against gay marriage. Three things changed my thinking:

    I did a thorough study of the scriptures and came to realize that gay bashing and the humiliation of those who are transgendered has no support in the Gospel. I read the relevant passages in their context. I now believe that today’s church should stand in solidarity with the LGBT community. I find myself uncomfortable with bigoted people, such as Rep. Metcalfe, who espouse a very narrow reading of both the secular law and the holy writ.

    Second, I began to see the issue as one of civil rights. It is hard to defend a policy that affords a people equal protection under the law, but denies them something as basic to human dignity as the freedom to marry whom they choose. In a similar way, I cannot say to a gay person, you are free to come to my church, but I won’t accept you into a full fellowship or perform all my pastoral duties for you. When I require other people to be like me, I misuse my authority.

    Third, the demographics on who supports gay marriage and who opposes it, falls clearly along age lines. This is a case where the old need to learn from the young. Rep Metcalfe may hold the gavel today, but this will soon pass. 

   Rev. Bill Kemp

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette - May 8, 2014