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I Believe: A Full-Length Lenten Drama

Your people may believe, but they don't really BELIEVE  

Believe in Easter Again! Put on a Lenten drama that's more than just a show. 

Bill Kemp has written a play that forces both the actors and the audience to think about what they would do if they were caught up in the action of Jesus' arrest and all that followed on that Holy Week. If you were Judas, what would you be thinking as you returned to the Upper Room? If you were Jesus' mother, how would you find the strength to go to his cross?

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From Act 1 Scene 3


(Conspiratorially) Did you hear what happened just down the road? I heard that this Jesus raised a man from the dead. A man named Lazarus, just two miles from...


Fools! The things you men believe.

 I Believehas been performed in various settings with great results. The included staging notes show how it can be done in a church sanctuary, without a curtain, or on a traditional stage. It has a cast of 24 to 30 (some actors can play two parts). When done without a curtain, stage directions show how to place the choir so that they hide the scene changes. An editable script is available, so that directors can reverse the staging to suit their location. Bill Kemp is willing to answer your questions and provide advice on adapting the play to your setting. 

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Thursday, November 29, 2018
I Believe - full length Lenten drama