The Holy Process

Mark 4:26-34

Jesus talks farming in Mark chapter 4. This gives rural people and gardeners an advantage, but means that you’ll have to till the ground a bit more carefully to explain it to people who aren’t normally aware of organic processes. Jesus says that the growth of holiness in our lives and in the world is an organic process, like the gradual transition of seed to plant to fruit to the easing of hunger. One could also speak of the process of acorn to oak to wood to house to home.


So the first question to ask may be, is holiness growing in your personal life in an organic and healthy way? You could ask the same question of your church. What about your neighborhood? Is there a healthy process of development; people needing shelter, to houses to homes and schools to young adults who leave the neighborhood to start lives elsewhere, remembering the values, missional mindset, and spirituality that they had been taught?


An organic process is something that occurs over time. Note how a tree branches out. The placement and direction of each branch is determined by the trees innate DNA and the direction the sunshines into that patch of the woods. The health of tree depends on many factors, the most important though involve the water and nutrients the tree has at its roots and the skill set of defense mechanisms the tree has at its disposal. The total process, Jesus tells us, is a miracle.


How do we become spiritual and holy people? Do we want to be saved, healed, or made holy?


Jesus says that this is an organic process. The farmer does a certain amount of work, but he mostly watches his field, and the seed “of itself” produces the plant, which “of itself” produces the wonderful harvest. Like a tree, where we are rooted spiritually matters. We need a healthy church fellowship to grow properly. But our spiritual journey springs up in a mysterious way from within us. Becoming holy is an organic process. We engage in spiritual disciplines, but mostly we observe and try to be a partner with God for the harvest that he alone can bring about.

Pentecost 6
Sunday, June 14, 2015
Note how even the bees are part of the organic process