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Fixing Church 7.0



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When launched on 12/28/2017, this seven week study will be available as a Free ebook down load. 

The 50 page resource will also be available in a print version at a high discount. The seven weeks will cover the basics of Church -- things that are good both for our congregation and for our own soul. These topics include:

  • Where to begin
  • How to become more Spiritually Passionate
  • Being more Compassionate (mission oriented)
  • Becoming a better Fellowship
  • Improving Worship
  • Raising Biblical Literacy
  • Rediscovering the Soul

Fixing Church is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. He died, not just for our individual soul, but also for the fellowships that would meet in his name. This study has seven sessions, so you will want to start the week before Lent begins, to reserve Holy Week for the Passion narrative.

Check back at this page or send an email to to order an advance copy.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017
50 page print or free e-book available 12/28/2017
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Until Ash Wednesday, 2/14/2018