Waterson 1990

Perhaps this year we (in the North) can add a tradition to our Holy Week of  constructng liturgical snowpersons. This one reminds me of Psalm 22

This is a good image for clergy stress in the local church setting.

The pastoral role is only so big, about like a shoe box. Even if we are a fat cat we can't change the physical limitations of the office. Being all things to all people will make us sick. If we skip out on our sabbath rest and days off, we will become sick, do silly things, and fail the integrity of our calling.  Even in Lent, don't mess with your time off.

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We really need to make Pittsburgh a pedestrian and bike freindly city. Not only is it healthy, it is also good for the economy. We can learn a lot from European cities like Copenhagen

40 years ago Copenhagen was just as car-clogged as anywhere else but now 36% of the population arriving at work or education do so on bicycles, from all over the Metro area. 50% of Copenhageners themselves use bicycles each day. They all use over 1000 km of bicycle lanes in Greater Copenhagen for their journeys. Copenhagenizing is possible anywhere.


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